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IP design is only one of the many expertise UNIVE has. UNIVE offers a full range of ASIC design services from front-end design to back-end services including product test and product engineering. Here is the list of services provided by UNIVE

  • System Design
  • RTL Design & Verification
  • Logic Synthesis
  • Simulation
  • Floor Planning
  • Timing DrivenPlace & Route
  • Final Timing Verification
  • Physical Verification
  • Foundry Interface
  • Assembly Interface
  • Test Program Development & Test Support
  • Product Engineering Support

UNIVE has experience with designing mixed-signal ASICs for 0.1um to 0.6um CMOS. Our expertise is not limited to mixed-signal CMOS process. UNIVE has worked with customers on High Voltage designs especially for the display drivers market. On top of the design services provided, UNIVE can also set up the design flow for your company. If you are interested in the services provided, please contact us to arrange a confidential meeting.


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