UNIVE offers analog/mixed-signal IPs such as ADC, DAC, PLLs and Special I/Os in 0.13um, 0.18um and 0.25um CMOS processes. These IPs are ideally suited for implementation of devices for the consumer and telecommunication market. Most of these IPs have been silicon proven in our foundry partners such as Charted Semiconductor and Silterra.

UNIVE also offers service for custom IP design. With our extensive expertise, we can design IP from the ground up or customize the IP in our catalog to your specific requirement.



UNIVE offers a wide range of silicon proven analog/mixed-signal design IPs for licensing by customers on a flexible business model. Customers can license single use or discounted multiple use licenses. Licensing fee can be a mix of one time fee and/or royalty.

Upon licensing, customers will receive the following deliverables for their device design.

  • Specification & detail datasheet
  • Application notes
  • Behavioral model in both Verilog and VHDL
  • Circuit level netlist and/or schematic
  • Layout database

Please contact us for detail IP specification and pricing information.

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